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How to convert BTU to Kilojoules

How to convert BTU (IT) to kilojoules:

1 BTUIT = 1.05505585262 kJ


E(kJ) = 1.05505585262 ⋅ E(BTU)

For example: when E=0.5 BTU,

E(kJ) = 1.05505585262 ⋅ 0.5 BTU  = 0.527528 kJ

BTU to Kilojoules conversion table

Energy (BTU) Energy (kJ)
1 BTU 1.055056 kJ
2 BTU 2.110112 kJ
3 BTU 3.165168 kJ
4 BTU 4.220223 kJ
5 BTU 5.275279 kJ
6 BTU 6.330335 kJ
7 BTU 7.385391 kJ
8 BTU 8.440447 kJ
9 BTU 9.495503 kJ
10 BTU 10.550559 kJ
20 BTU 21.101117 kJ
30 BTU 31.651676 kJ
40 BTU 42.202234 kJ
50 BTU 52.752793 kJ
60 BTU 63.303351 kJ
70 BTU 73.853910 kJ
80 BTU 84.404468 kJ
90 BTU 94.955027 kJ
100 BTU 105.505585 kJ
200 BTU 211.011171 kJ
300 BTU 316.516756 kJ
400 BTU 422.022341 kJ
500 BTU 527.527926 kJ
600 BTU 633.033512 kJ
700 BTU 738.539097 kJ
800 BTU 844.044682 kJ
900 BTU 949.550267 kJ
1000 BTU 1055.055853 kJ
10000 BTU 10550.55526 kJ

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