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Our website was founded in 2017, and since then, it has captured the attention of millions people around the world. Our website offers paid promotion for your brand, which can help you reach much more customers than ever. 

About  300,000 unique monthly visitors visit, and the figure is increasing exponentially with a growth rate of 10-30% monthly. Suffice it is to say that we are one of the biggest free tool providers on the globe. 

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Founded in provides over 1,000 useful tools that are completely free for all users, and the number is still increasing. Every month we are trying to create around 100 new useful tools, calculators or other pages that help users make their life and work easier.

All of these tools are developed based on the complexity and current capacity of our team developers.

Advertisement options for

Our website will offer several interesting advertising options to get top-of-the-line audience engagement. We provide both standard advertising formats, so we can also meet various individual requirements from the client (non-traditional formats or forms of advertising on our website). See the most commonly provided advertising formats below.

We can create and place banner ads (text-based, interactive in HTML5 or classic static banners images) that appear on the top or bottom of the web page or in the sidebar.

Banner ads can appear on every page of, ensuring maximum exposure of your brand to our worldwide users.

Or just in selected pages or categories depending on the number of impressions you want to achieve for your campaign.

The price for banner ads is based on the CPM model (price per 1000 views).

Prices start at 5 EUR per 1000 views (price may also vary depending on current demand).

Standard ads formats we use are:

  • 728 x 90px
  • 300 x 600px
  • 970 x 90px

Our blogs offer paid promotion of your sponsored posts. The price of this promotion is 150 EUR + VAT. Your articles will remain permanently on our website. They'll either be a part of our URLs or present at the end of every tool. However, if your article contains false information or it violates the rights of a person or a company, it will be removed from our website instantly.

Our professional copywriters can come up with a perfectly composed article for you (10 EUR/hour + VAT), or you can provide us with your own. Your version of the article will be reviewed by our staff and, once they give a thumbs up, it will be good to go.

If your article is valuable, it can also appear on all of our social media profiles that are connected with our pages (this part is not covered in the price). Every sponsored post contains up to 3 backlinks, all of which are do-follow.

Our professional team of developers can create sponsored tools for your company or brand, and these tools will remain on our website as long as you want. We can also place banner ads in the tools you selected, or we can add them as the "middle step" in our tools (when you click on a button in the tool).

The prices for these services vary as per your requirements. Please contact us at and describe what tool you would like to develop or explain your idea briefly (and please send your Skype ID or phone number in the initial message).

Yes, we do provide the option through which you can buy links from any of our pages.

The links can be placed practically everywhere - in tools description categories or tool detail pages or into any text description. We also provide links to our already published blog posts (unless they are not already sponsored posts) or you can buy also new sponsored post / PR article.

The links are do-follow and we do not remove them from the articles as long as they do not violate any applicable laws or regulations in any way.

  • Price for 1 link = 15 EUR
  • We only accept bulk orders (the minimum bulk order = 10 or more links).

We offer also individual premium partnerships. You can become our main advertisement partner of You will appear as our main advertisement partner on all pages, tools and our social media platforms of

We also offer several PR articles a month and much many more options depending on your needs or target you need to get as result (guarantee number of advertising views, brand awareness campaigns, number of visitors reaching your website etc.).

Also, you’ll be given more advertisement options as per your requirement other than the aforementioned list. We are able to adapt to your individual requirements and come up with various non-traditional advertising formats which will fits best to your online campaing needs. We can also provide any further assistance with ads production (we can provide our copywriters, translators, graphic designers or programmers in case you do not have your team or agency).

PLEASE NOTE: The premium partnership will be applicable for only long-term online campaigns.

We do not accept for this advertisement option one month deals. As from our experience in one month we cannot guarantee any specific results given as we need to optimize formats and adjust it according to the actual performance. And this is too short time period does not give us too many options to do that and deliver the result you want to get.

All payments have to be sent in advance i.e., before the work starts.

We provide the invoice for ordered services.

We provide these discounts for bulk orders or large orders:

  • Up to 500 EUR – 5 % discount
  • 501-1000 EUR – 10 % discount
  • 1001-2000 EUR – 15 % discount
  • 3000 – 5000 EUR – 25 % discount
  • 5001 EUR or more – 30 % discount

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