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Fast and Easy

Use the on-screen buttons or the keyboard shortcuts.

Reliable and accurate

You could set a timer, restart your computer and come back here to find it still counting down. 

What Is a Countdown?

A countdown is a sequence of backward counting to the time of a specific event. You can learn how much time is remaining for something, like your birthday or the new year, with a countdown.

What Is the Countdown Timer?

The Countdown Timer is an easy-to-use online tool that allows you to create a countdown clock that shows how much time remains between the time of your choice and now, on a day, hour, minute, and second basis.

How Do You Use the Countdown Timer?

First, select the date and time from the input above to choose the exact time you want to create a countdown clock for. After that, click on the "Start" button to start the timer. When the countdown is over, an alarm will sound to notify you.

Using the Online Timer

It’s not hard to find a countdown timer online, but if you’re looking for the best countdown timer on the Internet, then you’ve found it! This online timer is great for use as a classroom timer, cooking timer, test timer or any other type of countdown timer you can think of.

This online timer will countdown a time you enter in seconds, MM:SS or HH:MM:SS format. You can choose a sound that will play when the countdown timer starts, one that plays when the countdown reaches the halfway mark, one that plays when the timer is near the end, and a final sound that plays when the countdown timer expires.

You can easily set the countdown timer to frequently used minutes by clicking the “Set Timer for xx minute” buttons.

Sharing the online countdown

When the countdown timer is configured exactly the way you need it, you can share the timer online with someone or return to it by copying the URL. If you find this online timer is useful, saving a link on your website or classroom page would be a great way to help others find the timer and would be much appreciated!

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