How to save energy

How to save energy consumption. How to save electricity and fuel.

Reduce fuel consumption

  • Take the bus / train
  • Ride bicycle
  • Walk
  • Live close to work
  • Work from home
  • Buy a car with low fuel consumption
  • Buy hybrid car
  • Avoid high acceleration / deceleration driving.
  • When driving look ahead to avoid unnecessary accelerations and decelerations.
  • Avoid driving with high motor RPM.
  • Drive with highest gear possible.
  • Reduce baggage weight
  • Close the car's windows
  • Avoid driving during rush hour.
  • Avoid unnecessary car driving.
  • Avoid car engine idling
  • Keep tires with optimal air pressure.
  • Maintain your car on time.
  • Plan your driving route to minimize the distance.
  • Prefer gas heating to wood burning stove

Reduce electricity consumption

  • Install solar panels on your roof to generate electricity.
  • Install solar water heater system.
  • Insulate your house.
  • Install window shutters.
  • Install double glazing windows.
  • Use Energy Star qualified appliances.
  • Buy appliances with low power consumption.
  • Check the temperature insulation of your house.
  • Turn off appliances and gadgets that are in stand by state.
  • Prefer A/C heating to electric/gas/wood heating
  • Prefer fan to A/C
  • Set air conditioner's thermostat to moderate temperature.
  • Use air conditioner heating instead of electric heater
  • Use air conditioner locally in the room instead of the whole house.
  • Avoid opening frequently the refrigerator door.
  • Leave enough space between the refrigerator and the wall to allow ventilation.
  • Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  • Install presence detector to turn lighting off when leaving the room.
  • Use low power light bulbs.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water.
  • Use shorter washing machine program.
  • Fill the washing machine / dryer / dishwasher before operation.
  • Wear clothes that fit the current temperature.
  • Wear thick clothes to keep warm
  • Wear light clothes to keep cool
  • Use the stairs instead of elevator.
  • Set PC energy saving features
  • Use laundry hanger instead of electric dryer.
  • Go to sleep early.
  • Install solar water heater system.
  • Lower water heater temperature
  • Use sunlight instead of artificial light.
  • Buy LCD/LED TV instead of plasma.
  • Prefer LED light over incandescent light bulbs.
  • Disconnect electrical charger when it finished charging.
  • Prefer microwave oven over toaster oven

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