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About JFT’s Morse Code Translator

Morse code has been extremely popular in recent years and it can be used to translate a wide genre of languages that include English, Latin, Arabic, etc. Morse code consists of two terms - dits and dahs. Dits are known as dots and dahs are called dashes. The collective assemblage of both of these terms creates morse code. It is being widely used in aeronautical aids such as VORs as well as amateur radio. For example, a distress signal commonly known as SOS can be translated into morse code using three dashes and three dots. 

Morse code can also be used to depict an emergency or when there are poor signal conditions, or when the human voice is tough to understand. Samuel Morse invented this epic software in the 1800s. He developed this tool when he was working with an electrical telegraph system where he sent several pulses of an electromagnet and electric current. The breaks and pulses present between the transmission were referred to as morse code.

It can be difficult to come up with a morse code on your own. That is why we have developed a morse code translator that can convert text to morse code. Our tool provides myriads of benefits and if you want to know more about morse code and our morse decoder, keep reading.


         Samuel Morse invented the morse code and thus, the name morse code. Morse code became famous in the year 1865. By the end of the 20th century, it became extremely useful in maritime.

         Samuel designed the morse code in such a way that it has the shortest codes for the most frequently used English letters. In this way, the transmission was made much easier and faster.

         English letters, Arabic numerals, a small set of procedural signals and punctuation, and some Latin alphabets are included in the international morse code.

         The words present in the text are separated by a space equal to seven dots whereas the alphabets present in the text are separated by a space equal to three dots.

         Morse code has been extremely useful in logic puzzles, puzzle caches, and CTFs.

How to use our morse code translator?

Using our morse code is extremely easy. Just a couple of steps and you can convert text to morse code.

         Copy-paste your text in the required field or you can type the text directly into the text box.

         Your morse code will be generated automatically (the rest of the information will be extracted by the tool itself

         You can select the entire morse code from the morse code box, copy it, and then paste it wherever you want.

         If you want to hear the morse code, you can click on play morse.

JustFreeTool's morse code translator is also known as morse code audio decoder because it provides an option of playing the morse code. If you want to listen to it properly, make sure your volume is turned up. Feel free to use our morse decoder whenever you want to convert text into morse code.

Morse code alphabet table

If you want to learn all the morse code alphabets on your own, we've compiled a morse code alphabet table for you. All the letters, numbers, and punctuations along with their morse code translations are present in this table. This table also contains Latin alphabets and letters translated into morse code.

Letter morse code

A             .-

B             -...

C             -.-.

D             -..

E              .

F              ..-.

G             --.

H             ....

I               ..

J              .---

K             -.-

L              .-..

M            --

Letter morse code

N             -.

O             ---

P             .--.

Q             --.-

R             .-.

S              ...

T              -

U             ..-

V             ...-

W            .--

X             -..-

Y              -.--

Z              --..

Number Morse code

1              .----

2              ..---

3              ...--

4              ....-

5              .....

Number Morse code

6              -....

7              --...

8              ---..

9              ----.

0              -----

Morse code alphabets


A             .-             B             -...          C             -.-.          D             -..            E              .               F              ..-.

G             --.           H             ....           I               ..             J              .---          K             -.-           L              .-..

M            --             N             -.             O             ---           P             .--.          Q             --.-          R             .-.

S              ...            T              -              U             ..-            V             ...-          W            .--           X             -..-

Y              -.--          Z              --..                                                                                                                         


0              -----        1              .----        2              ..---        3              ...--         4              ....-         5              .....

6              -....         7              --...         8              ---..        9              ----.                                                       


.               .-.-.-       ,               --..--       ?              ..--..       '               .----.       !              -.-.--       /              -..-.

(              -.--.        )              -.--.-       &             .-...         :               ---...       ;               -.-.-.       =             -...-

+             .-.-.         -              -....-       _             ..--.-       "              .-..-.       $              ...-..-      @            .--.-.

¿              ..-.-         ¡              --...-                                                                                                                      


What is morse code?

Morse code refers to an encoding scheme of various characters. You can use it to send messages in a form of electrical pulses using dots and dashes. You can either write short electrical pulses or long ones or both. It particularly depends upon how you want your message to be.

What is morse code translator?

Morse code translator helps you in translating your text into morse code. With JFT's morse code translator, you can not only convert text into morse code but also play it. You can translate any language you want into morse code and save it.

Who invented morse code?

The hands behind this marvelous invention are Samuel F. B. Morse and Alfred Vail, the assistant of Samuel.

When was morse code invented?

Morse code was primarily invented in the 1830s but its advancement took place in the 1840s.

When was morse code patented?

On June 20, 1840, Samuel Morse received a patent from the U.S., US1647A but some people had a notion that Abdulmejid I, the Ottoman Sultan, provided Samuel Morse with the morse code. However, on April 3, 1872, The New York Times obituary and Cyrus Hamlin's memoirs published Samuel Morse received an Order of Glory, a form of order from the Ottoman Empire instead of a patent.

What was the first message sent by morse code?

On May 41, 1844, Samuel F.B. Morse sent the first official morse code to start the telegraph line of Baltimore-Washington. The message that was encoded was "What hath God wrought".

What is morse code used for?

Morse code was widely used in military operations in the past. But, today, it is only being used in a few areas that include assistive technology (AT), amateur radio activities, and aviation.

How to use morse code?

There are different ways to use morse code. You can use it with the help of sound and light or you can go with pen and paper. Some people even use it with the help of bodily movements such as fingers or eyes. However, you can also use a morse code translator to provide you with a morse code.

Is morse code hard to learn?

In the past, some difficulties occurred in learning the morse code. But, since the advancements took place and several morse code translators came into being, it became easy to learn the morse code.

How to learn morse code?

If you want to fully grasp the concepts of morse code, you'll need to take some time out. Morse code can be learned with the help of Morse audio or you can memorize the morse code of each alphabet. However, many people have learned the morse code from the Gboard keyboard that is software created by Google. Google creative lab also provides exercises on morse code that you can take to test and enhance your learning.

How to read morse code?

If you're unable to understand morse code, you can either use the morse code translator or you can look up morse code for each alphabet from the morse code alphabet table.

How to write "I love you" in morse code

All of us has said "I love you" in the ordinary language but have you tried telling it to someone in morse code? I love you in morse code will appear in a set of dots and dashes and it is usually used in morse code letters or jewelry.

Now, let's see how you can write I love you in morse code. If you want to write I love you in morse code on your own, these are the morse code alphabets that you can use.

I  • •

L  • • •

V  • • •

E  •

U  • •

When you write this in a full line, I love you in morse code will appear like this:

• •   /  • • •       • • •    •  /           • •

If you can't write it on your own, use JFT's morse code translator to translate I love you in morse code. You'll get your results in seconds! 

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