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About JFT’s Character Counter Tool


If you want to streamline your social media posts, you'll need a well-developed character counter online tool. This tool will help you analyze the perfect number of characters that you'll need to craft your social media posts. The character count limit varies for each social media platform. For instance, your character limit for Facebook should be 80 characters, 150 characters for Instagram, and 100 for Twitter.


80 characters for Facebook? Are you bound? No, you're not at all bound. The basic character limit on Facebook is 63,206 characters. But, if you want to engage people and keep them interested, 80-40 characters seems like a more promising figure. This length is ideal to catch a boatload of attention and this is exactly what you need. If you go with larger posts, it may decrease the engagement on your posts. No one wants that.


Now, talking about other social media platforms, you can write up to 280 characters on Twitter. But, the ideal number is 71-100 characters. If you want to make your content more eye-catching, you can add as many images as you want because there's not any limit to them! Since we're talking about images, how can we leave Instagram behind? We know that Instagram is all about images but character count matters, no matter what. The ideal number for Instagram posts is 138-150 characters. An appealing caption can make your picture or a video a lot more attractive. Concise content is literally a game-changer!


There are a lot of instances that you don't know how many characters you've written. This is where this character counter online tool jumps in. You can use this tool to figure out how much you've exceeded or how many more words you need to meet the character limit.  

We know that a lot of questions are roaming inside your head regarding our online character counter tool. Proceed below to know all about your queries.

How can you use the online character counter tool?

It is very simple to use the character counter tool online. All you have to do is copy the text and paste it into the required box. Another way to use this tool is that you can directly type your text into the required field. Once you type your content, the character counter will instantly reload and provide the number of words, characters, paragraphs, whitespaces, and sentences in your text.

Which devices does the counter work on?

Our character counter tool doesn’t restrict you in any way possible. You can use it on any device you want.


It will work perfectly on smartphones, PC, tablets, or any other electrical gear.


Does Character Count Include Spaces? (Character counter with spaces)

Does our character counter count the characters as well as the spaces between them? Yes, it does. Not only can it count the characters without spaces but it can also do the exact opposite. It all depends on how you want your character count tool online to work.

We've already discussed the importance of character count and how concise content can liven up your social media posts. However, small yet ideal content is not only required on social media posts but also in some content and academic writing. For example, if you're writing for a webpage, you'll need to write a meta-description of about 100-150 characters to let the readers know how you're going to take their breaths away. Similarly, when you're writing essays, journals, or any other writing, you'll need to take care of your words count.

It may seem like this character limit is prohibiting you to express your writing or knowledge but if you want to increase your followers count, you'll need to abide by the limit. Thus, if you don’t know how many characters you've written up, you can use this character counter with spaces to check them out.

What’s the difference between character counter with space and without space?

Character counter with space means that your character counter will count the spaces between the characters as well but the character counter without spaces will do it otherwise.

When it comes to the character limit, spaces matter a lot. Many social media platforms count the spaces between the characters as well. Therefore, make sure that your text is well within the given character limit and too with the spaces.


What is the difference between word count and character count?

Word count refers to the total number of words present in a text or a document whereas character count refers to the number of letters or characters in each word. If you want to count all the characters, you'll also need to count the spaces as characters.


Can I post an update to my social media beyond the character count?

Yes, you can post up to 63,206 characters on Facebook and about 2200 characters on Instagram. There is a comparatively low character limit for Twitter which is about 280 characters per tweet. However, we recommend you to keep your content concise, ideal, and sweet because longer texts will make your followers lose interest and they may cut you off. Therefore, it is better if you limit your characters to:

·         80 characters for Facebook

·         71-100 characters for Twitter

·         138-150 characters for Instagram


What's the maximum number of characters for each social network?

If you’re still interested to know about the maximum number of characters for each social media platform, they are as follows:

·         Facebook – 63,206 characters per post

·         Instagram – 2200 characters per caption

·         Twitter – 280 characters per tweet

·         Twitter – 150 characters for a bio

·         YouTube – 5000 characters for a video description

·         YouTube – 70 characters for a video title

To check out the number of characters, JFT's character counter tool online is certainly one of the best.

How many words are 280 characters?

We love to tweet all the time but when we see the character limit for Twitter, it is lesser than the rest of the social media networks. To check the character count, you can simply use our online character count tool but if you want to do this on your own, it is also quite simple to calculate. If a single word contains about 5.1 characters (on average), it will take 55 words to make 280 characters.

How much are 3000 characters in words?

Now that we're done with 280 characters, let's move onto some bigger numbers. So, how many are 3000 characters in words? To be honest, it can be anywhere from 600 words or more. It all depends on the words that you choose to write. For example, if you have 5 characters per word, it will take 3000/5=600 words to make 3000 characters. On the other hand, if we go with 6 characters per word, 3000/6=500 words will add up to a solid 3000.

This is it, guys! We know how frustrating it can be if you don't understand how to count the characters in your text, should you add spaces or not, or how many characters you should write. Don't worry because our character count online tool has got you covered in every aspect. Start using this tool and see the magic happen.

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