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Normal front facing text to backwards text. A simple online backward text generator tool that allows you to switch the way your text is facing. Simply write or paste the text in the left column and see it get converted in the right.

Flip Your Text Backwards Converter

If you are looking to flip your text backwards then this reverse text converter is perfect. Whether you are trying to create some sort of puzzle or for someone to decipher a code, rather than writing it out all out manually - use this handy online backwards text generator flipper.

All you have to do is write the text as you would normally in the left panel and then you will see it getting converted in the right panel. Then you can simply copy and paste it to wherever you wish.

.txet sdrawkcab fo ecnetnes elpmaxe na si sihT

Of course, if you do have any questions about the Backwards Text Generator and have any suggestions on how we can improve further, then please do let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

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Leonardo Da Vinci wrote backwards in what people call mirror writing style. Mirror writing is when the letters are not just in reverse order so that you have to read them backwards but the orientation of each letter is also changed.

Mirror writing can easily be deciphered by looking at it in a mirror. It’s similar to the way the word ambulance becomes legible if you see the word written on a vehicle in your rear-view mirror.

When do we use Reverse Text

Social Media

People on social media use reversed text to make their posts attractive. Also, there are a number of social media users who use flipped text to beautify their profiles.

Artistic appearance

Graphic designers mostly prefer reversed text in their work to give an artistic look to their creations. This is a great approach to gain the attention of people towards your work.

Play with friends

Social media is an excellent source of entertainment, and that’s what reverse text may provide. You can share flipped text with your friends and confuse them with this guessing game.

Data security

You can use reverse text for reverse words or encoding purposes. The passwords are meant to be ambiguous and complicated, so no one can guess it. The use of reverse text as your password can be a great way to make your accounts secure and protected.

          How to reverse or mirror text in Word

          • Insert a text box in your document by clicking Insert > Text Box, and then type and format your text. For more details, see Add, copy, or delete a text box.
          • Right-click the box and click Format Shape.
          • In the Format Shape pane, click Effects.
          • Under 3-D Rotation, in the X Rotation box, enter 180.

          Why is our Reverse Text Generator the best?

          There is a great amount of reverse text generators on the internet. Let us explain why should you use this one. You can find many more Text Generators on this website. We specialize on making your work easier and faster than ever before!

          Instant results

          You don’t have to wait for a long time to get your results as you might have to do while using other online facilities. Once you enter your text on this backward text generator, you will get your desired results within a flash of an eye.

          Free of cost

          If you are thinking that you may have to pay for using this online word reverse facility, then it’s not true. This reverse text facility is entirely free to use and doesn’t have any trial period.

          No installation is required

          Most of the online tools restrict their users to install desktop applications on their devices to utilize free services. But, the tool available on this site doesn’t have any such limitations, as you can use this backward text generator without installing software on your device.

          Supports all platforms

          You are not required to have a particular device or operating system to get assistance from this online word reverser utility. This backward text generator works exquisitely well on all devices and OS.

          Data Privacy

          Data security is a critical aspect that remains on the nerves of people while using any online utility. But, you don’t need to get nervous anymore, as this online backwards text generator offers you a secured facility to reverse a text. The data you will upload on this reverse text tool will be erased from our databases as soon as the processing is over.

          Where do the mirrored unicode characters come from?

          There are no unicode characters defined for mirror writing. But most letters have a similar backwards version used in a different writing system.

          Some roman characters are symetrical and already look the same backwards. These ones stay the same. Many of the other letters are swapped with symbols from the international phonetic alphabet (IPA).

          The IPA is a set of symbols used by linguists to describe the exact sounds of spoken languages.

          Use the table below to see which letters the tools swaps out.

          Origin of replacement
          aɒLatin Small Letter Turned Alpha — part of the international phonetic alphabet (IPA)
          bdjust the letter ‘d’
          cɔLatin Small Letter Open O — part of the IPA
          dbthe letter ‘b’
          eɘLatin Small Letter Reversed E - part of the IPA
          fʇLatin Small Letter Turned T — part of the IPA
          gϱGreek Rho Symbol
          hOCR Chair — part of a set of characters used for electronic scanning
          iidoesn’t change
          jCanadian Syllabics Caa — part of a writing system for indiginous Canadian languages
          kʞLatin Small Letter Turned K – part of the IPA
          llstays the same
          mmstays the same
          nnstays the smae
          oostays the same
          pqthe letter ‘q’
          qpthe letter ‘p’
          rɿLatin Small Letter Reversed R with Fishhook – part of the IPA
          sƨLatin Small Letter Tone Two – used in various obscure phonetic alphabets
          tɟLatin Small Letter Dotless J with Stroke – part of the IPA
          uustays the same
          vvstays the same
          wwstays the same
          xxstays the same
          yγGreek Small Letter Gamma
          zzno reasonable backwards ‘z’ could be found, so it stays the same
          AAstays the same
          BCanadian Syllabics Carrier Kha
          CƆLatin Capital Letter Open O
          DCanadian Syllabics Carrier Tha
          EƎLatin Capital Letter Reversed E
          FLatin Epigraphic Letter Reversed F
          GLao Letter Wo
          HHstays the same
          IIstays the same
          JCanadian Syllabics Ca
          KLisu Letter Kha
          LReversed Sans-Serif Capital L
          MMstays the same
          NИCyrillic Capital Letter I
          OOstays the same
          PCanadian Syllabics Ke
          QϘGreek Letter Archaic Koppa
          RЯCyrillic Capital Letter Ya
          SƧLatin Capital Letter Tone Two
          TTstays the same
          UUstays the same
          VVstays the same
          WWstays the same
          XXstays the same
          YYstays the same
          ZZno reasonable backwards ‘Z’ could be found

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