Japan time now

Japan time (UTC/GMT+09:00):

Country: Japan
Time zone abbreviation: JST
Time zone name: Japan Standard Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+09:00
Observe DST: No

Current Time in Japan Now


  • JST or Japan Standard Timezone, UTC+9
  • Daylight saving time not observed.

Being part of the North East Asian part of the world, Japan is nine hours ahead of the coordinated universal time (UTC) that is followed in most countries. Time in Japan is mainly referred to as the Japan Central Standard Time or Japan Standard Time and is the standard used all over Japan. However, it was also called the Tokyo Standard Time during the World War 2 time period.

The phenomenon of daylight saving has not been implemented in Japan, even though it has been debated about several times. 

Daylight saving time in Japan 

Initially, from 1948 to 1952, Daylight Saving Time was observed in Japan between May and September every year. The United States then implemented this policy as a consequence of the allied occupation of Japan. 

But in 1952, when the occupation ended, the Japanese government abolished the daylight saving time, and since then, it has never been officially implemented nationwide in Japan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What other time zones is Japan standard time equivalent to? 

The standard time in Japan is equivalent to many time zones, including the Korean Standard Time and the Eastern Indonesia Standard Time. Moreover, it is also identical to the Pyongyang Time and Yakutsk Time, which are located in North Korea and Russia, respectively. 

How many hours is the coordinated universal time behind Japan’s time? 

The country of Japan is nine hours ahead of the coordinated universal time, which can also be expressed as UTC +9:00. 

What was the time telling method before the Meiji era? 

All the local areas in Japan had their time zones and ways of defining time in Japan. The Meiji era that began in 1868 and ended in 1912 had an exclusive time zone. This time zone had a specialty according to which noon was defined as when the sun was setting. 

Why was there a need for a standard time in Japan? 

When people started opting for trains as the transportation method, it created some sort of confusion for them because of the difference of 5 degrees longitude between Tokyo and Osaka.

The train that had departed from Tokyo would reach Osaka a good 20 minutes behind the time in Tokyo. In response to this problem, ordinance 51 issued the following statement on 13th July, 1886: 

  • The Prime Meridian passes through the Greenwich Observatory in England.
  • Longitudes are calculated using the Prime Meridian as a standard, 180 degrees on either side of east and west. Positive degrees are east, and negative degrees are west.
  • On the 1st of January, 1888, 135 degrees of East longitude would be considered the Standard Meridian for Japan.

Moreover, this standard time was set 9 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time in London. 

Which city in Japan is known as the “town of time”? 

According to the statement issued by Ordinance 51 in 1886, it was stated that the standard meridian in japan would be exactly located on 135 degrees east longitude. The city of Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture is situated precisely on this location which makes it “the town of time” or commonly called as “Toki no machi” in Japanese. 

Does Japan have two time zones? 

No, Japan does not have two time zones. It is entirely located within one single timezone known as the Japan Standard Time (JST), 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time GMT or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). 

Does Japan have its own time zone? 

Yes, Japan uses the Japan Standard Time (JST) all over the country to avoid confusion regarding time zones. This standard timezone was adopted by Japan in 1886 when the Meiji government issued an Imperial Ordinance to regulate the standard timings throughout the country. 

Does Japan use 24hr time notation? 

There is no specific time notation used in Japan. The Japanese use both 12 hours and 24-hour notations pretty commonly. But in order to specifically regulate transportation schedules, 24 hour notation is used. 

Which country has a 12 hours difference from Japan's standard time? 

Japan is 12 hours ahead of Uruguay. 

Which country has a 13 hour time difference from Japan? 

Tokyo is approximately 13 hours ahead of Chile. 

How many hours is Japan ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST)? 

Japan standard time (JST) is almost 14 hours ahead of Eastern standard time (EST). 

How far ahead is Japan's standard time from Central standard time? 

Japan Standard Time (JST) is almost 15 hours ahead of Central Standard Time (CST). 

How far ahead is Japan's standard time from India? 

Japan is 3 hours 30 minutes ahead of India. So, if you are a resident of Japan trying to contact someone in India, you can keep this time difference in mind. 

Is Japan ahead or behind the United Kingdom? 

Tokyo, Japan, is almost 9 hours ahead of London, the United Kingdom, where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is observed. 

Is Tokyo the same timezone as Seoul? 

Yes, Tokyo and Seoul have equivalent time zones, making it very convenient for the residents to schedule business meetings and phone calls across the two countries.

If you want to know the local time of any other country in the world, then click here and find out the local time of the country of your choice. 

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