CFL light bulb electricity usage

What is electricity consumption of average/common lightbult?

Usage (kWh) Cost (USD)
Per Day:
Per Month:
Per Year:

The light-emitting diode, or LED, light bulb is a strong energy-efficient alternative for illumination, frequently outperforming CFL light bulbs in durability and power efficiency at a comparable price. The standard low-cost LED light bulb (60-watt equivalent to incandescent) is touted to produce 800 lumens and lasts up to 10,000 hours at 10 watts.

To calculate the cost of power for a single LED light bulb using 10 Watts for 5 hours per day at $0.10 per kWh, click the calculate button. You can also make any necessary changes to the input fields.

The energy consumption of a LED, CFL, incandescent and other lightbulbs

Hours a day

Hours Used Per Day: Indicate the average number of hours per day that the device is used. If the daily power usage is less than one hour, enter the number as a decimal (for instance, 30 minutes a day equals 0.5).

Power Use (Watts): Type in the watts that represent the device's typical power use.

Price (kWh): Enter the price per kilowatt hour you pay typically; our calculators use a default value of 0.10 (10 cents). Check your power bill for the precise cost.

LED, CFL, and incandescent light bulb comparison:

Name LED CFL Incandescent
Lifespan in hours 10,000 9,000 1,000
Wattage 10W 14W 60W
Purchase price of the bulb $2.50 $2.40 $1.25
Daily cost* $0.005 $0.007 $0.03
Monthly cost* $0.15
Annual cost* $1.83 $2.56 $10.95
Cost for 50,000 hours @ $0.10 per kWh $50 $70 $300
Bulbs needed for 50,000 hours 5 5.50 50
Total cost for 50,000 hours including bulb price $62.50 $83.20 $362.50

* Assuming 5 hours a day at the rate of $0.10 per kWh.

In recent years, LED lighting has proliferated, and in certain locations, government initiatives for energy conservation have made LED light bulbs quite affordable with special offers. However, quality control and a decline in longevity have also been noticed along with price decreases.

Although pricey LED light bulbs with much more excellent lifetime ratings may be more ecologically friendly, it may not be worth the bother from a financial standpoint. You have an option, however, we suggest reading reviews and experimenting with LED light bulbs. Overall, LED lighting is far more effective than outdated incandescent lights and an excellent alternative for energy savings.

What are the light source sockets?

There are many kinds and types of lighting, luminaires and, of course, light sources. Once you have chosen a suitable bulb based on the important features and parameters, another equally important criterion for a bulb is the selection of a suitable socket, which must match the luminaire.

The sockets are the parts of the bulb in which the bulb and the lighting element are housed. This socket then fits into the socket and transfers the electric current from the mains to the bulb. Each luminaire is therefore equipped with a specific socket, and to this socket a matching bulb must be selected, or more precisely a bulb with a matching socket.

Screw-in sockets (threaded sockets)

The most commonly used bulb sockets are threaded and are divided according to their size. Each size is used on a different type of light source and each fits a different application. The number gives us the diameter of the bulb socket in millimetres.

  • E27 - The classic large E27 thread is the best known and most widely used. It is also known as the "Edison thread" - hence the letter E, the number 27 denotes the diameter in millimetres.
  • E14 - The second most used is the classic small thread with a diameter of 14 mm. It is sometimes colloquially referred to as the "small Edison thread".
  • E40 - It is the largest of the screw-in sockets with a thread diameter of 40 mm. This socket is designed for high performance applications. In the past, it was used for light sources with a power of up to 2000 W, today mainly for lamps with a power of up to 400 W. Due to its characteristics, it is mostly used for special lamps designed primarily for industrial and outdoor lighting.
  • E10 - Sockets for low voltage applications. It can be found in handheld flashlights or Christmas chains.

Bayonet sockets

They have the shape of a smooth cylinder with two opposite projections. These fit into the L-shaped cut-outs in the sleeve. There is a spring-loaded contact at the bottom of the sleeve. The light source is pushed into the socket by pressure against the spring and secured by turning. The use of a spring makes the bayonet connection shockproof.

  • B22 - They are produced in LED, but you can also find them in energy-saving bulbs or halogen lamps. It works with a voltage of 230 V.
  • B22d - LED bulbs with this socket are usually suitable, for example, for outdoor decoration.
  • GU10 - The letter G is derived from the English word globular; the letter U indicates the shape of the bulb and the number 10 indicates the pin spacing in mm.  GU10 is a socket with two symmetrical 5 mm diameter pins with 10 mm spacing. It was originally designed for halogen light sources with directional emission. This socket is very widespread, works with a voltage of 230 V and is typical for spot lamps for ceiling luminaires. Some types of LED bulbs with this socket are dimmable.

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