How to write/type black left-pointing symbols/emojis on keyboard- Alt + 17


The sign of the black left-pointing triangle can be found on any electronic device. This is the playback start sign. Or simply play. We click it when we want to start playing music or video.

There are different types of triangle symbols you can insert in Windows and Mac documents using alt code shortcuts. Though most of them are part of mathematical symbols, you can also use them for multiple purposes. You can either use hexadecimal codes or decimal codes to insert these special emojis/symbols.


If you want to type the left-pointing triangle symbol/emoji on Mac, press Option + 25C4 shortcut on the keyboard. For Windows users, just press down the Alt key and type 17 using the numeric keypad, then let go of the Alt key. This alt code method will give you a black triangle.

These shortcuts can work on any software including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, on both Windows and Mac.

The table below contains all the information you need to type the right-pointing triangle symbol on keyboard for both Mac and Windows.

Symbol Name Black right-pointing Triangle

Alt Code 17
Shortcut for Windows Alt+17
Shortcut for Mac Option + 25C4
Shortcut for Word 25C4, Alt+X

The above quick guide provides some useful shortcuts and alt codes on how to type the right-pointing triangle symbol on both Windows and Mac.

The table below contains all the information you need to type the left-pointing triangle symbol on the keyboard for both Mac and Windows.


The table below gives you the complete list of alt code shortcuts for triangle symbols.

Triangle Symbol Symbol Name Alt + Key (Decimal) Alt + X (Hex Code)
Triangular Bullet Alt + 8227 2023
Delta Or Increment Alt + 8710 2206
Normal Subgroup Of Alt + 8882 22B2
Contains As Normal Subgroup Alt + 8883 22B3
Right Triangle Alt + 8895 22BF
Bowtie Alt + 8904 22C8
Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product Alt + 8905 22C9
Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product Alt + 8906 22CA
Circled Triangle Down Alt + 9098 238A
Conical Taper Alt + 9010 2332
Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical With Triangle Alt + 9155 23C3
Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Triangle Alt + 9156 23C4
Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Triangle Alt + 9157 23C5
Black Medium Left-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9204 23F4
Black Medium Right-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9205 23F5
Black Medium Up-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9206 23F6
Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9207 23F7
Black Up-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9650 25B2
White Up-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9651 25B3
Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9652 25B4
White Up-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9653 25B5
Black Left Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9654 25B6
White Right-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9655 25B7
Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9656 25B8
White Right-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9657 25B9
Black Right Pointing Triangle Alt + 9658 25BA
White Right-Pointing Pointer Alt + 9659 25BB
Black Down-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9660 25BC
White Down-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9661 25BD
Black Down-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9662 25BE
White Down-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9663 25BF
Black Right Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9664 25C0
White Left-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9665 25C1
Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9666 25C2
White Left-Pointing Small Triangle Alt + 9667 25C3
Black Left Pointing Triangle Alt + 9668 25C4
White Left-Pointing Pointer Alt + 9669 25C5
Black Lower Right Triangle Alt + 9698 25E2
Black Lower Left Triangle Alt + 9699 25E3
Black Upper Left Triangle Alt + 9700 25E4
Black Upper Right Triangle Alt + 9701 25E5
White Up-Pointing Triangle With Dot Alt + 9708 25EC
Up-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black Alt + 9709 25ED
Up-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black Alt + 9710 25EE
Upper Left Triangle Alt + 9720 25F8
Upper Right Triangle Alt + 9721 25F9
Lower Left Triangle Alt + 9722 25FA
Lower Right Triangle Alt + 9727 25FF
Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangle Alt + 9947 26DB
Warning Sign Alt + 9888 26A0
Triangle With Dot Above Alt + 10698 29CA
Triangle With Underbar Alt + 10699 29CB
S In Triangle Alt + 10700 29CC
Triangle With Serifs At Bottom Alt + 10701 29CD
Right Triangle Above Left Triangle Alt + 10702 29CE
Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar Alt + 10703 29CF
Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle Alt + 10704 29D0
Bowtie With Left Half Black Alt + 10705 29D1
Bowtie With Right Half Black Alt + 10706 29D2
Black Bowtie Alt + 10707 29D3
Times With Left Half Black Alt + 10708 29D4
Times With Right Half Black Alt + 10709 29D5
White Hourglass Alt + 10710 29D6
Black Hourglass Alt + 10711 29D7
Down-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black Alt + 10728 29E8
Down-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black Alt + 10729 29E9
Join Alt + 10781 2A1D
Large Left Triangle Operator Alt + 10782 2A1E
Plus Sign In Triangle Alt + 10809 2A39
Minus Sign In Triangle Alt + 10810 2A3A
Multiplication Sign In Triangle Alt + 10811 2A3B
Z Notation Domain Antirestriction Alt + 10852 2A64
Z Notation Range Antirestriction Alt + 10853 2A65
White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle Alt + 10177 27C1
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