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As the name indicates, the image to text converter is a tool that uses the techniques of optical character recognition software to dig out the text from the pictures.

The OCR online converter helps in translating the characters in a specific image into a bunch of electronically designed characters. This tool can translate any text present on a picture and with the help of this image to text converter, you don’t have to get into the hassle of translating and writing the text from an image, all by yourself.

The OCR online tool is extremely easy to use. You just have to upload the picture you want to translate and the rest will be handled by this tool. If you want to know more about this tool, keep on reading.


Optical character recognition (OCR) converter scans the image and identifies all the words present in the picture and transforms your image into your text. But how does it do that? Computers have databases that contain millions of images. This OCR online converter tool extracts the words out of the document and matches them with the images present in the database. It may seem difficult and confusing for humans, but computers and laptops can do it in the blink of an eye. Plus, this image to text converter can be used online without downloading any kind of software. Therefore, you don’t have to fix the resolutions of your image or any other thing. Just upload it on our converter and let your image be converted into text. 


The picture to text converter is an online program that can save you from a lot of trouble. What would you do when you'd have to translate the text present in the picture? You'd do it manually, wouldn't you? But now, you don’t have to anymore because you have this image to text converter. The only thing wrong with translating the images manually is that it will take a lot of your precious time and energy that you can invest somewhere it is needed. A picture to text converter tool takes no time and instantly provides the results. It doesn't matter how many images you upload on this tool, it can translate all of them. The OCR online converter can convert:

·         Computerized receipts

·         Bank statements

·         Invoices, and many more. 


Before we go on to the process of converting your images into text, you need to ensure that all of your printed documents are already scanned before you upload them on this OCR online tool. You can either store that scanned copy in the device or you can store it somewhere online. But, make sure that the link to your file isn't malfunctioned or broken. Plus, if you're uploading a hand-written document, make sure that it is perfectly written. Our photo to text converter tool is the easiest tool to use and you can convert your picture to text in just four simple steps.

  • Select the image you want to translate and upload it onto this converter or you can directly copy-paste your picture.
  • Now, hit the "convert" button and wait for a while for the tool to dig out the required information.
  • Once your text is ready, you can hit the "save" button or "copy to clipboard", depending upon your choice.


Our photo to text converter offers a wide range of features to our users and they are highlighted as follows:

Convert any format

Our online picture to text converter can convert any type of image format to text. A lot of our users utilize this image to text converter to make some text appear on the images such as important quotes or beautiful poetry, etc., to share with their loved ones.

Recognize Multilingual Text

Our image to text converter can perform its task efficiently despite what language your image contains. Your text doesn't need to be in the proper English language because our photo to text converter can work with multilingual texts. So, feel free to use our photo to text converter, irrespective of the language your text is in. 

Make Text Presentable

Our image to text converter can also make your text look presentable and the one you can publish. Once it extracts the text from your image, you can also edit your text as per your likings. If you're using someone else's picture, make sure you check its plagiarism first to save yourself from any kind of trouble in the future.

Increases Productivity

You may feel like you can translate your images manually. That's a good thought but can you do it for a book consisting of multiple pages? Will it be productive enough? No, it will take a lot of your time. Therefore, you need to use our picture to text converter that can translate multiple images in seconds. This OCR online converter can not only save you from wasting your time, but it also saves tons of your money that you're willing to pay to your working for doing this job manually.

No Installation

Anyone who has a good internet connection and a smart device can use this image to text converter. There isn't any restriction on you to download and install this converter first. It is an entirely web-based utility and you can access it anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited Conversions

Our photo to text converter is absolutely free and there's neither a limit to it nor do you have to get a premium version to keep using it. You can convert a large number of pictures to text as many times as you want. The best part? You don't even have to register to use our image to text converter online free.

Data Accuracy & Security

Our photo to text converter provides 100% authentic results. You just have to upload the image and the results will automatically pop up. If you're worried that your data may leak out or something may tamper with your information, you'll be happy to know that our OCR online converter doesn't keep any information once the results are out. Everything will get removed from our systems automatically.


Our photo to text converter is highly cost-efficient. Why hire a data entry worker to do this job for you when you can do this for free? Therefore, use our image to text converter and make your life easier.

Easy Sharing

It can be troublesome to share all the important information through an image. Wouldn't it be easier if you have a separate text file to communicate with? By using our online picture to text converter, you can share any image text you want. A plus point of using our converter is that you won't have to subscribe for it as well.

Copy or Download .txt File

You're just one click away from getting your text. You can either download a .txt file or you can copy it to your clipboard. There will be no additional charges for it. 

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