Google search ads 360 assessment answers

  • You will have 60 minutes to complete the exam.
  • A score of 80% or higher is required to pass the exam.
  • If you close the assessment before completion, the exam will be marked as “not passed.”
  • You have unlimited attempts to take the exam. If you do not pass, you will need to wait 24 hours before retaking the exam.
Credit: All rights and credits go to Google Skillshop as they are the sole owner and original creator of the exam.
  • What happens when an engine is paused?
  • Which two types of goals can be targeted in bid strategies? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which two user types can activate the conversion API? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which two features may be used to upload offline conversion data to a Search Ads 360 keyword ID? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which two segments CANNOT be applied to reporting data? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • What is the default attribution model for Floodlight?
  • Campaigns can only be copied within the same engine account for which two engines? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which three landing page tests are available in Search Ads 360? (select three) Select All Correct Responses
  • Which two types of campaigns do bid strategy opportunities analyze? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • If an engine account is set to a different timezone than an advertiser, in which timezone will Floodlight metrics appear when scoped to the advertiser level?
  • Where can a saved web query be found?
  • Which three engines are supported by the Search Ads 360 API? (select three) Select All Correct Responses
  • At which three levels can automated rules be set up? (select three) select all correct responses
  • What conversion data can be uploaded using bulksheets?
  • What is the Search Ads 360 account hierarchy?
  • What setting should be applied to a floodlight tag passing offline conversion data?
  • When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is added with a different currency than the linked Campaign Manager advertiser, which product sets the currency for that Search Ads 360 advertiser?
  • What permissions are needed to create an advertiser?
  • Which three URLs are involved in a landing page test? (select three)Select All Correct Responses
  • If bids on keywords in a bid strategy are manually overwritten, how long will it take for the bid strategy to resume bidding on those keywords?
  • What step would be taken to check if an inventory management template has created any entities?
  • When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is linked to Campaign Manager, which product sets the timezone?
  • Which two types of uploads can be made through an sFTP endpoint? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • At which two levels can URL Templates be set up? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which three modifiers can be automated by a bid strategy? (select three)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which two methods can be used to pass conversion attributes such as model type, color, and year of production through a Floodlight activity? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which three requirements must be met to run a successful ad copy test? (select three)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which three items can a bid strategy consider when optimizing the performance of a bidding portfolio as a whole? (select three) Select All Correct Responses
  • When a reporting view is saved, who has access to the view?
  • Which level’s settings CANNOT be edited with bulksheets? (select two)
  • What level should be used to evaluate performance of a bid strategy?
  • How often is Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Baidu data refreshed in Search Ads 360?
  • Bulksheets can be used to complete which two tasks? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • What does it mean when the “Stop sync” button is greyed out?
  • If an engine account is set to a different currency than an advertiser, metrics will appear in what currency when scoped to the engine level?
  • What feature is used to track unsupported ad types that specify their own landing page or Google display network and Gmail promoted campaigns?
  • Which two column categories appear in formula columns? (select two) Select All Correct Responses
  • Which two methods can be used to send an Executive report to a user with no access to Search Ads 360? (select two)Select All Correct Responses
  • Which two constraints can an advertiser select on their conversion-based bid strategies? (select two) Select All Correct Responses
  • What attribution model assigns all credit to the last click on a paid search ad before a conversion?
  • Which two conversion sources can be reported in custom columns? (select two) Select All Correct Responses
  • What feature may be used to edit custom Floodlight variable data?
  • What occurs when auto-tagging is enabled?
  • What feature may be used to report on a specific Floodlight conversion?
  • What feature provides audience lists to Display & Video 360 or Google Ads based on search clicks recorded by Search Ads 360?
  • What type of bid strategy is supported by the forecasting tool?
  • What could prevent Inventory Management from making changes to a campaign?
  • Which two changes does an advertiser manager have permission to make to an advertiser account? (select two)
  • What action should be used to pass a conversion attribute (such as shipping cost)?
  • Which attribute may be used to upload paid search offline conversions via the Campaign Manager API?
  • Which three frequencies can be scheduled for reports? (select three)
  • Data Exclusion events exclude data for a minimum of how many hours?
  • What are two key differentiators in functionality between labels and business data?
  • What floodlight tag measures purchases and revenue on a website?
  • Which three changes can a user set up using scheduled edits? (select three)
  • During the first week of an active bid strategy, which two changes can potentially impact the learning period? (select two)
  • Which three features can a call-tracking partner use to send data to search ads 360? (select three)
  • What function do ValueTrack parameters perform?
  • What metrics estimate conversions that measure user behavior across devices and environments?
  • What two floodlight activity group types can be set up? (select two)
  • At which three levels can bid strategies be applied? (select three)
  • When setting a CPA, ERS, or ROAS target for a bid strategy, how much conversion history should be considered?
  • When campaign manager isn’t used as the ad server, what should search ads 360 advertisers link to in campaign manager?
  • Which three features can be used to integrate offline conversion data? (select three)
  • What is shown in the “last sync” details tab? (select two)
  • What configuration setting eliminates duplicate conversions between advertisers?

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